This past Friday, Manhattan Nocturne (Canadian title) had it's Canadian Premiere as part of the Wilson Oakville Film Festival.  The entire OFFA team and the great audience made me feel so welcome.  From the red carpet to the Q&A and afterparty, there was so much appreciation for this film.  Most especially for the performances of Adrien Brody, Yvonne Strahovski, Campbell Scott, Jennifer Beals, Linda Lavin and Steven Berkoff.  Thank you OFFA for a memorable and wonderful weekend!  On a side note, I took advantage of being close enough to visit my favorite building in Toronto, location of the Rush Moving Pictures album cover.   


Excited for the Manhattan Nocturne (AKA Manhattan Night) Canadian premiere at the Gala Friday June 24th at the Willson Oakville Film Festival.  Looking forward to doing Q&A following the screening as well.  Come on out for the fun - click thru image for tickets!


Excited to announce the trailer and poster for Manhattan Night (based on the novel Manhattan Nocturne by Colin Harrison) starring Adrien Brody, Yvonne Strahovski, Campbell Scott and Jennifer Beals released today on the homepage of imdb.com in the Indie Focus section and on the movie page!



Mark your calendars and get out the word.  Movie opens in theaters in select cities and also on demand everywhere on Friday May 20th.  If you are near a theater playing it, I highly encourage you to get to it opening weekend! 

On the Saturday night May 21 at 7pm, we will be at the Ridgefield Playhouse for a special screening followed by Q&A and a cocktail reception hosted by.the inaugural Ridgefield Independent Film FestivalAll you Westchester friends please come out for the fun and to support RIFF.    You can buy tickets now at 

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ridgefield-independent-film-festival-riff-tickets-21724005084 by clicking on the green “Get Tickets” button.

On Sunday May 22, I’ll be at the 7pm (ish) screening in RI at the East Providence 10.  All you fam, friends, Feehanites, come on out!  


The movie will be released in territories around the world with the list growing.  Here's an announcement in Variety.



Mark you calendars!!! This is the big announcement. Manhattan Nocturne will be released worldwide on May 20th! It will be in theaters in select cities across the country and abroad and simultaneously available on VOD. What is nowadays called a "multi-platform release". I highly encourage you to see it in the theater with all your friends first and then again at home the next day! Many many talented people came together to make and support this film, and they would all love for you to see it! More details to come.