I’ve spent a lot of time in an edit room, starting as a teenager.  My career started as an editor. I love editing.  The magic of creating meaning that Eisenstein discovered when splicing one image against another still surprises me.  Living in the Manhattan Nocturne edit room these months has been intense and thrilling in large part because editor Andy Keir is a Jedi Master.  He’s a craftsman to his core and a storyteller of untouchable integrity.    Everyday we cut and add and trim and sharpen and invert and reverse and whittle and build and imagine the film a little bit closer to what it will ultimately be.   Now on the morning of locking picture, and I’m savoring every second.  I’ll go to bed tonight complete with the 14 and a half million choices that I’ve made to this point and will wake up excited to start the next phase of post production.  I mean what’s more fun than music, visual effects, color and sound?!