Picture and Sound

In each phase of post production, I am just so grateful to work with such talented artisans so skilled in their craft.   This work often goes unappreciated by the casual viewer of a film, but the work is so important to creating the overall movie watching experience.   In the category of Visual Effects for example, sometimes the job is to make things in the frame not appear at all.  When we get to the Blu-Ray commentary, I want to point out some of those things, because it’s impossible to tell they were ever there.  Shout out to wizard Hernan Herrera for making the magic in well over 50 VFX shots.

We just completed the mix and the subtleties and tweaks make such a difference.  Being on the mix stage at Goldcrest NY feels like being on the bridge of a spaceship with each person manning their post facing the screen.  Props to the whole post sound team lead by Marlena Grzaslewicz, Michael Barry and Isaac Derfel.

Let there be color.  Coloring this movie was a sheer pleasure with Jack Lewars at Technicolor Postworks NY.  The images are as rich as I always imagined and hoped.  Without giving too much away, there is an epilogue scene that occurs in the fall 10 months after the main story.  When we dialed in the deep color of the autumn leaves and the orange October light, I almost wept with joy.  

I wrote about the orchestra and original score, but also the movie contains original songs that I’m proud to be a part of.  Music Supervisor Jay Levine is a song partner in crime, and we had a blast creating songs and working with talented artists such as Catey Shaw, Brix, Julian Soto, Lucy Woodward, and my old bandmates of Cuban Missile Crisis, Andy Kadison on guitar and Campbell Scott on drums.   

This is the phase of movie-making that most people understand the least.  There are lots of moving pieces that make the moving pictures and the sound.  Thanks to Post-Production Supervisor Brian Golding for keeping all those pieces on their tracks.  Unsung heros like Brian G and Peter Boychuk, project manager at Technicolor Postworks NY, are relied so heavily upon to make all the technical aspects align to form the final picture and sound.  

Lastly, a shout out to our friends at Adolescent, for creating new logos and animated company logos for Untravelled Worlds and DeCubellis FIlms.  Great work as always.   Putting on the finishing touches.