Blu Ray and DVD Released!

One of the many fun things about making a movie is putting together the BONUS material for the DVD/Blu Ray. (BTW if you haven't upgraded to Blu Ray yet, join us in HD) Was a blast to do the audio commentary with Campbell Scott and Cinematographer David Tumblety. The discs also feature some insightful behind the scenes, as well as 4 extended scenes in the bonus section: Porter and Caroline's first night (gold from Adrien Brody and Yvonne Strahovski that I hated to lose), Simon's proposal (in one long take in a tour deforce by Campbell) Simon and Billy negotiating with the prostitute (again in one take with great performances from Campbell, Will Beinbrink, and Maria Christina Oliveras,) and Porter confronting Hobbs (Adrien and Steven Berkoff toe to toe). So while the movie can be viewed or owned on cable on demand, and iTunes and Amazon right now, the real fun of the Blu Ray/DVD is all the bonus fun, reviewed well here by Ken Tasho (both Blu Ray and DVD have all the bonus material and also come with a code for a digital copy to own as well btw)